Albert Basin Park Video

We are very excited to finally release this promotional video, after many months of hard work by our volunteers.
The project has been led by local architect James McConville, with sponsorship and help from across the local community.
It combines ideas and insights from our extensive public consultation with the Newry population, including local schools, GPs, churches, community organisations, and thousands of local residents.

7 thoughts on “Albert Basin Park Video

  1. Hi
    I am retiring back to the area after 33 years living in Brighton a city with an abundance of green spaces for everyone to use and enjoy. I have been supporting this project and have eagerly watched the long fight by everyone involved to have it approved . I was born in Newry and feel there has always been a strong lack of green spaces in the City. It’s an absolute joy to see funding has been approved and to watch this amazing video . I’m home to live by the end of the summer so will look forward to seeing the construction of this wonderful well planned area and to my partner and myself using it.
    Congrats to all πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. As a disabled angler who has walking problems I have studied the above video and do not see any details of car parking areas. As I live a long way out of Newry and my only means of getting to Albert Basin or Newry canal is by car I would not be able to carry on with the hobby I enjoy so much. I realise the video and photos are only suggested plans, but would be concerned about this for me and other people with the same problems.
    Regards J.H.

    1. Hi Joseph, we are certainly aware of the need to provide car access for anglers thanks to our friend and supporter Oliver McGauley, who is a lifelong angling advocate. While we are keen to minimise the presence of cars on the site, we recognise that it is also important to make it accessible to users of all abilities. This is something that we expect to work on in the later design stages. As you have noted, the video and published plans are purely conceptual, and the final design is yet to be determined by the council. The council will be launching a public consultation on the park soon, and we hope that everyone will have a chance to present their ideas then.
      Newry 2020

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